Monday, 5 March 2012

Incoming - John Dies at the End

Well, here's something. Don Coscarelli, the man behind the completely awesome Bubba Ho-Tep, Phantasm and, um, The Beastmaster is extending the trip further with an adaptation of the novel by David Wong of Titularly done-for protagonist John and his friend Dave discover a new drug (street name: Soy Sauce), a paranormal psychoactive that allows users to exist in the past, present and future simultaneously and read other people's thoughts. So far, so Philip K Dick, but using Soy Sauce also seems to catch the attention of masked cults, interdimensional shamblers and other hideous agents of the unknown.

I'm not completely sure the above description is accurate, since the only thing most reviewers seem to agree on is that John Dies at the End is a headfuck and a half. I take this as a good sign, and the addition of Paul Giamatti as the reporter hearing Dave's tale in flashback (John presumably having carked it by this point) and veteran rent-a-creep Angus Scrimm is also welcome. Don Coscarelli has made some truly mind-bending comic horror in the past (go watch Phantasm, now) and I look forward to seeing how this psychedelic little number plays out. It's already been confusing audiences at Sundance this year, but no word yet on UK distribution.

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